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Program ideas Indonesia

Program ideas Indonesia

Yogyakarta as you crossed the city’s downtown. Everywhere you set eyes you will not missed the trace of the royal’s influence. Visit an authentic cigar factory, best-kept secret of Yogyakarta before you slice the city street on a Becak “cycle rickshaw”.
While Yogyakarta is the city famous for the Sultan’s Palace and the temple nearby, few people know about an unassuming cigar factory on the outskirts of town. Walking through rows of smiling girls sorting, drying, molding and wrapping exquisite tobacco into the sought after smokes, in and outside Indonesia, is an experience in its own right. You will see the entire making process of this famous brand of cigar and even learn to roll the cigar on your own if you like!
It is a good idea to explore the neighborhood. Pass through the city center and you will see closely the lives of the locals and its smiling faces. !fter a short while, the Sultan’s Keraton stands humble yet dignified surrounded by a complex of white-clad houses and quiet lanes.